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At Epic Tour,

There is nothing we take more seriously than the safety or our riders.  We work with our safety partners at Halton Region Police and the municipalities to operate according to the very best practices.  And we implement our own policies and practices to make sure the event is conducted in as safe a manner as possible.  Read more below.

Epic Tour is a Rules-of-the-Road Event- Regular traffic rules apply at all times on Epic Tour.  We mandate riders to observe safe riding practices and observe all traffic rules just as they would be expected to practice if they were out with their friends for a Sunday ride.

Epic Tour is Not A Race - That makes a big difference. While many riders might be trying to maintain a higher average speed than you, it means that aggressive race behavior is largely mitigated.  You can ride at your pace without worrying about someone running you off the road.  

Police Supervision - We work closely with Region police to ensure there is police supervision at busier intersections.  Police will issue tickets to  riders who are riding recklessly or violating traffic rules.  Police supervision is augmented with professionally certified flag persons.

On Course Medical - We have mobile medical vehicles out on the course.  Riders can contact them directly by way of a phone number on the back of all rider I.D. plates.  For more serious incidents, riders are asked to contact 911.

On Course Signage - We have over 300 directional signs on the routes to keep everyone on track and safely pointed in the right direction.  Railway tracks are signed, warnings are posted for faster descents and ride-in-single file signs are posted on busier road stretches.

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