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Note: VIP riders have different parking address and access. Please see rider kit for details or email [email protected] for more info

We’ll have lots of signs and lots of volunteers, so to make it really simple, all you need to do is show up on time to park at Country Heritage Park and we’ll look after getting you to the right spots to enjoy another great Epic Tour experience.

Well, it started as an “oh no” and turned into an “oh yes”.  Epic Tour has now officially moved the start and post-ride festival to the main park at the Kelso Conservation Area.  

We are quite thrilled with the new setting and we think you will be too.  No more taxing climb up the escarpment at the end of the ride (yes, the Gorilla is retired) and a celebration site with a wonderful view overlooking the escarpment ridge.

With great thanks to our partners at Kelso Conservation, we have not only found a solution, we honestly think we’ve found a superior event site.  It will be better for the start corrals, better for the cycling and better for the post-ride festival.  That’s what turned it into an “oh yes”!

What You Need to Know

• Parking is now at Country Heritage Park at Tremaine just south of Hwy 401

• The start, finish and festival are all very close together at Kelso Conservation area

• There is a gate from Country Heritage Park with direct access right at the start corrals

• The corrals are on a newly paved private road at Kelso with its own gate on Tremaine

• We will have valet bike parking at the festival for every single bike

• It will be a short ride on the private road back to your car at the end

Event Start/Finish **NEW**‍‍‍

Parking is at Country Heritage Park:

8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X3

NOTE: VIPs - you have a different parking access. Please refer to your rider kit for or email [email protected] for more info

Kelso Conservation Area

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